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Assured Sheetrock & Remodeling:  Restoration Contractor,  Remodeling,  Roof Leak Ceiling  Experts, Smooth or Textured Ceilings Installed, removed or repaired.  Painting, Atlanta Drywall contractor, Wood Rot Repair, Flooring. Construction  repairs  Historic preservation  Custom plaster Wall & Ceiling . Construction remodeling Alteration to home or Offices. Water damage Hole repair. We resurface rough  concrete walls floors & ceilings  smooth. We refinish  cinder block & stucco smooth with lath and plaster interior or exterior.  Acoustic ceiling Install,suspended ceiling, drop ceiling,repair or remove. Home repair,fix holes and cracks. Remove Popcorn ceiling textures,Home Improvements. Finish Carpentry Trim & Crown moldings Installed. Popcorn & Stipple Ceiling textures patterns Removed and or apply, Knock Down & Orange Peel, Wallpaper Removal, Acoustical ceilings, Stucco, Drywall Installation,Water Damage Plumbing Leaks  Wall & Ceiling Plaster Repairs Commercial Property Maintenance and Handyman Home Repairs basement finishing. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Assured Sheetrock & Remodeling Previously Drywall-n-Remodeling Serving Metro Atlanta, Georgia, Alpharetta, Marietta, Roswell,GA.

Drywall ceiling repair, Ceiling damage may occur from falling branches or trees. People in attic such as exterminators, Maintenance men, Cable guy, Speaker installers, Air conditioning technician who took a wrong step and fell through the ceiling, Not to mention the husband, or weekend warrior. Our objective is drywall ceiling repair like it never Happened. Water damage to a ceiling Is another Problem that Should be addressed as soon as possible. We will come out and remove water damaged drywall and spray mold control as a precautionary measure. Install new drywall match texture as good as new. Water stains On our ceilings Happen because of small leaks such as roof leaks or pipe and drain line cracks most of the time it is the HVAC unit or air-conditioning system the drain is clogged and the pan overflows causing water stains and other issues if not addressed quickly.

Building repair is what we do!

Commercial construction alterations to your office or store?  move a door or add a window

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“Give your home facelift” Remove popcorn ceilings!

Textured Ceilings date your home”

Assured Sheetrock & Remodeling Construction Repair contractors                           

Atlanta Georgia GA Specializing in: Interior alterations to offices and stores remove a door add a window building repair and home fix it contractor. Walls Ceiling & Floors, Commercial interior renovation.
Floor covering, ceramic tile .carpet wood floors. High wall and ceiling repairs scaffolding to reach over 30 feet drywall hole repair & paint. Ceiling tile and suspended grid repair. Wallpaper skim coating,this process (skimming) removes uneven textured surfaces on walls & ceilings concrete, plaster, sheetrock.  popcorn ceiling repair.  Water damage property restoration        Free Estimates (404) 229-3357

Drywall painters will patch & paint walls after plumbers and electricians do their repairs. Most Service professional like plumbers, and Electrician, create holes in the walls and ceilings that are (not included) in the contract budget or "bid" to fix..
Most Service professionals, especially master plumbers and electricians do not specialize in Wall & Ceiling Repair. Plaster, sheetrock, and drywall require a specialist like Drywall Painters. We professionally repair holes, install walls and ceilings. We color match perfectly, then repaint, as if the damage never happened.”A Good Repair Is, One You Cannot Find.” Call Drywall Painters Now (404) 229-3357

We are Drywall & Painting Contractors severing residential and commercial properties with over 25 years experience in this profession we’ve completed Numerous commercial build outs, tenant improvement projects. Residential house painting to basement finishing.
However Drywall services and painting take up part a large part of our insurance and disaster relief claim services. Drywall Painters The Plumber assistant

With Roofing contractors the same principle apply. Roofers repair the hole in your roof, but not the stains, and water damage to your ceiling inside of your house. Water damaged drywall, sheetrock, and plaster. Wet insulation and moisture can causes mold to grow. Most roofers do not remove or apply popcorn ceiling textures, and repair holes, or fix plaster. Most companies are not going to risk their liability Insurance or reputation referring A painter or drywall finisher.
Drywall Painters The Plumber assistant! Drywall Painters The Electrician assistant! Drywall Painters The Roofer assistant! We make your jobs look like you were never their.
We do construction repair services, point up, repair out of square walls, crocked Conner lines. Acoustical ceiling tile level or replace, fix nix ,dings and paint after all trades are finished turn key.

Basement finishing is our specialty!
Drywall Painters usually will finish unfinished basements that are easy to do. Most unfinished basements have Plumbing hot and cold lines are usually stub in. sewer lines are usually connected. In most cases basements electrical is rough-in or completed with outlets and switches already in place . All we need to do is frame doors, install sheetrock or plaster, finish smooth, or texture install baseboards trim, paint .
Drywall Painters specialize plaster, drywall finishing ,sheetrock, acoustical ceiling tile, carpentry and paint . However, we have a list of recommend professional sub- contractors for our premium clients.
Many home owners remodel their property, as the working general contractor. Saving themselves time and money. How so?
A large number of homeowners are receiving checks, working as (GC) General contractors on their own disaster relief and flood repair projects. Homeowners are hiring subcontractors coordinating the scheduling and receiving payment for their hard work. Hands on, working with the Home owner association, and subcontractors, removing the water, and the damage it has caused, making the flood cuts and repairs, necessary to satisfy the insurance companies.
on more than one occasion Drywall Painters has work directly with husbands and wives doing flood cut, as we cut the drywall they would pick up the trash and take it to the dumpster on site, documenting every phase of the project to satisfy the insurance company and home owner association
Many Hard-working homeowners are receiving will deserved satisfaction of doing things to their own way.
Thank you for your business ,we look forward to serving you. Drywall Painters (404)229-3357

More than Four Walls Drywall also known as wallboard, Sheetrock or plasterboard is quite common and widely used as a building material, especially on interior walls and ceilings. Drywall is basically gypsum mixed with fiber that is then pressed between two thick sheets of paper board and then dried in a kiln. The drying process is controlled to give the sheets their sturdiness and the required finish. Sheetrock is available in different sizes. an Atlanta > Sheetrock contractor uses large sheets of Sheetrock for completing installation in less time, since fewer joints need to be finished. The most common thickness is one half inch, but it can also vary from a quarter of an inch to one inch. Drywall can be installed easily and offers thermal resistance and a good sound barrier. A professional Atlanta drywall contractor can do an entire home in just a few days as compared to a long drawn out plaster application. Often, people try to do the small drywall projects by themselves. However, lack of experience can make handling drywall can be a tiresome and annoying job for the beginner. It’s simply a good idea to call a professional Atlanta drywall contractor to handle the job. The drywall contractors know how to score and cut the drywall for a perfect fit and also pay special attention towards small details like holes for outlets and light switches. Drywall Remodeling can be a passive fire protection device. This is because the drywall has moisture that was trapped inside during the manufacturing process. When this is exposed to heat, water vapor escapes, retarding transfer of heat. This means that the fire in a room adjacent to one separated by a drywall will be contained until the water in the gypsum is vaporized completely. Atlanta Drywall Contractor will custom Design Your Walls embossing ,venetian plaster,faux finishes. Drywall installation is not one of those easy tasks where you can drywall your entire home without the help of a professional Atlanta drywall contractor and most drywall projects are not a one man job. Installing drywall on a ceiling can be especially difficult. It requires special tools and supplies for installation. And don’t forget the dust you’ll need to deal with when hanging drywall. When it comes to remodeling, drywall is the material of choice and pretty much the standard for interior construction. Because drywall is installed in the interiors of structures, it can be done in any season. The Atlanta drywall contractor will most likely have a team of drywall installers and finishers to complete the job on time and also to help to maneuver the large panels into position. Drywall is also a cost effective way to renovate, drywall Remodeling. The surface of drywall lends to its versatility for a variety of finishes including painting, papering and a number of faux finishes. Drywall acts as a blank canvas where you can pour out your imagination. If you have any concerns about what techniques and finishes will work, talk with your local Atlanta drywall contractor for some advice before you begin. You may also choose to have a textured surface applied at the time of installation. The Atlanta drywall contractor can provide different finishes according to your choice. Textures can be sprayed on and left as is or flattened out with a hand held trowel or by sanding. Atlanta Drywall Contractor: Innovations in Walls Cost effective, easy to install and durable, drywall really has no rival in interior wall construction. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, drywall installation is likely to be part of it. And drywall can help keep your projects within budget as well. Installing drywall in a basement or attic is a good option for adding on some much needed space but when using drywall in a basement it must be done carefully and with the help of a professional Atlanta drywall contractor. The reason for this is that basements tend to have moisture that can damage the drywall. To prevent damage to the walls, a professional contractor will look for leaks and damp areas prior installation. Drywall can become soft and break down if exposed to water. If your basement is damp or prone to any moisture problems, these need to be fixed before drywall is installed. Drywall is also a great way to finish a garage, whether you plan to park your car there or not. Many homeowners turn their garages into workshops or even office or guest spaces. The studs and electrical wiring are already there. All it needs is the addition of some drywall and finishing. Have a skilled Atlanta drywall contractor hang the drywall and mud the seams. You can add paint, flooring and other finishing touches to finish the room as you want. You can unleash your creativity on drywall. Your Atlanta drywall contractor can help you choose the finish that best suits your tastes and lifestyle. From classic plaster to an ultra smooth finish with contemporary colors, drywall is your place to start. It is an affordable building material which can be used in every type of building. Drywall simply has no boundaries. Talk with your Atlanta drywall contractor today to learn how you can create some great walls for your home. Assured Sheetrock & Remodeling Gwinnett,Cobb,GA Serving Metro Atlanta "Call Now For Your Free Estimate"(404)229-3357

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